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Short WEALTHRISING presentation (5 min)

WealthRising, a small platform, unique in its kind, makes this possible!

If you like to do things on your own, without having to interact socially and refer people, you should consider WealthRising. It’s a well designed system that works smoothly. All our transactions are highly secured and processed over the Blockchain.

Watch the PRESENTATION Webinar and listen to the Q&A at the end!

How does WealthRising work, in short WR
  • WR works exclusively with Bitcoin – the money of FREEDOM – the counter currency is the American Dollar.
  • To activate your account, there is a onetime $2 subscription Fee.
  • 4 plans are offered to the members.

The process is the same for each one of these 4 plans
  1. You make your PA (Provide Assistance) relative to the amount that you’d like to put to work for you.
  2. After its maturity, 15 or 30 days, depending of your chosen plan, you ask for an RA (Request Assistance).
  3. At least 48 hours after you’ve asked an RA, your initial PA plus your growth will be send directly to your Bitcoin wallet.
What do you need?

A Bitcoin Wallet.

If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for FREE with Blockchain.info, fast and simple to create.

This is the link:


You can buy, directly from your Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoin with your credit card.

If you need some help concerning Bitcoin, contact me, I’ll help you!


If you’d like to recommend WealthRising, they have a compensation plan.

  • For every referral from your 1st Level downline you get a compensation of2% of their PA’s.
  • second level = 2%
  • third Level = 3%
  • fourth level = 5%

Members who have activated their account by paying the $2 subscription FEE are eligible to receive their referral compensations even if they don’t have personal active PA’s.

LEADER Bonus: members who have 12 or more direct referrals, having each of them at least one active PA with a minimum of $100, are eligible for the Leader Bonus:  + 5% on the total PA amount of their referrals of their 1st Level downline.

If one of these referrals doesn’t have an active PA of a minimum of $100, you’re NOT eligible for the Leader Bonus.

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Our 4 Plans

Click on a card a see the details of each Plan!


Earn 130% in 15 days
PA’s possible from
$20 to $100 maximum


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Earn 120% in 15 days
PA’s possible from
$110 to $300 maximum

The Kick Starter

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Earn 146% in 30 days
PA’s possible from
$100 to $1000 maximum


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Earn 150% in 30 days
PA’s possible from
$300 to $5000 maximum


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